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Nouvelle's vests offer healing comfort at its very best. Available with or without sleeves, each vest provides velvety soft support and maximum compression during recovery from arm surgery (brachioplasty), breast augmentation, and liposuction. Compression vests with sleeves also help prevent extreme, hypertrophic scarring in the event of severe, skin damaging burns. Excellent relief for symptoms associated with lymphedema, such as fluid retention and tissue swelling.
Aug Bra
Vests provide complete compression of the of the upper body. The compression vest fully covers the back, breast area, and upper abdomen. Compression vest have frontal closures either in zipper or velcro.
Vests with Sleeves
Compression Vest with Sleeves provides ideal compression for the female patient having mulitple plastic surgeries; breast augmentation, brachioplasty, abdominal liposuction, and flanks liposuction.