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Healing. Transformative. Beautiful.

Our gorgeously-styled full body suits provide soothing comfort and fast healing for the entire torso, arms, back, and legs following multiple surgical procedures. Relax in total comfort as each surgical site is safely compressed for accelerated healing. Completely customizable, full body compression suits are ideal for use after liposuction with breast augmentation, tummy tuck with breast augmentation, liposuction with brachioplasty, gastic bypass, etc. Each garment is tailored to meet individual length needs ranging from brief bottoms to ankle length. Available as a vest or bra top with or without sleeves, full body suits offer seamless protection and healing advantages over multiple, separate garments for each procedure. To maximize the healing benefits of the full body suit, choose coverage levels that extend beyond surgical sites.

Quick toning tip: Use compression wear to look instantly slimmer in casual, business, formal, and athletic clothing without having cosmetic surgery! While compression garments are not an alternative to losing weight or improving health, they provide an unmistakable slimming effect by subtly smoothing and sculpting the appearance of the body beneath clothing. Typically, people considering compression garments for non-surgical use have recently lost a great deal of weight, and may have excessive body tissue folds. Compression garments offer a safe, non-surgical alternative to stabilizing and compressing excess body tissue and skin folds.

Full Body Suit with Sleeves
Nouvelle's bodysuits offer just the right amount of compression for rapid recovery from multiple procedures involving the entire body. Comfortable when worn all day and night, the full body suit protects and stabilizes the arms, torso, back and legs.
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Our bodysuits without sleeves provide just the right amount of compression for rapid recovery from multiple aesthetic procedures involving the breasts, abdominals, back, flanks and upper thighs.