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Tender care. Transformative comfort. Healing results.

Our extensive girdle selection provides tender care and customized compression for the entire mid-section of the body, including hips, flanks and legs. Each garment features a unique combination of side zippers, strategically-placed elastics, reinforced fabric panels, and crotch openings for uncomplicated ease of use in the restroom. We offer a variety of coverage levels for the best healing results and swelling control for every conceivable abdominal and leg surgery: Abdomen + Leg Support Girdles, Abdomen Girdles-Panty Length, Girdles with Suspenders, 2nd Stage Pull-On Girdles, and Zippered Girdles.

Quick toning tip: Use compression girdles to look instantly slimmer in casual, business, formal, and athletic clothing without having cosmetic surgery! While compression garments are not an alternative to losing weight or improving health, they provide an unmistakable slimming effect by subtly smoothing and sculpting the appearance of the body beneath clothing. Typically, people considering compression girdles for non-surgical use have recently lost a great deal of weight, and may have excessive body tissue folds. Compression garments offer a safe, non-surgical alternative to stabilizing and compressing excess body tissue and skin folds.

Abdomen Contour Girdle
Abdomen + Leg Support Girdles are designed to provide optimal compression and for the patient recovering from liposuction, hernias, Smartlipo and vaser liposuction.
Abdomen Girdle
Abdomen girdles promote faster heal times for patients recovering from an array of medical procedures, including abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, hernia operation, and cesarean section. Superior fabric properties make these panties ideal.
Our impeccably crafted girdles with suspenders combine superior compression with a custom fit for patients recovering from a variety of cosmetic body sculpting procedures. Suspenders prevent the garment from rolling down.
Generally, the second stage of cosmetic surgery recovery is 4-6 weeks after the procedure. It is at this point when patients re-establish daily activities and need more freedom of movement provided by second-stage compression garments.
Zippered Girdles
Nouvelle’s highly specialized zippered girdles will never be available in retail stores. Our design team carefully constructs each custom garment to offer significantly higher levels of compression three to four times that of mass-produced garments.