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Ladies’ T-Shirt

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Covert compression at its finest. Wide scoop-neck design and comfortable arm openings combine freedom of movement with the security you need for your weapon. Discreet design disappears beneath business and casual clothing.

Product Description: Exceptional craftsmanship and breathable design make this t-shirt tank for ladies one of our most popular concealed carry garments.
Slim line design incorporates two strategically-placed compartments for left or right-hand draw of your handgun.

Additional Features: This slimming top offers a tried-and-true fabric combination for shaping the torso and waistline beneath a variety of clothing styles.

Flawlessly fashioned: Crafted using 55% Lycra®/45% nylon, the covert compression tank for ladies offers a smooth, breathable, and comfortable feeling next to skin. This fabric combination ensures dependable security for your weapon, as it will never lose compression integrity with continual use and appropriate washing procedures. Slim lines and flat seams ensure a sleek appearance beneath casual, formal and athletic wear. It’s the finest, most secure concealment clothing on the market, supporting the torso and waistline. As always, we only offer latex-free products MADE IN THE USA.

Nouvelle brand highlights: The difference between our concealment wear and mass-produced conceal carry garments is in the details. In an effort to create the highest quality concealment wear you can buy, we scrutinized every stitch, every panel, and every possible activity in which the garment would be worn. We looked at things such as ease of weapon access, proper compression for handgun security, and optimal concealment beneath clothing. And of course, each undergarment had to look good beneath all types of clothing.

Most concealment clothing pieces available online or sold through retail outlets are not made with this level of care. Three distinguishing characteristics:

1. Fabric structure. Featuring the amazing four-way stretch and memory properties of our finest fabric weave, the ladies’ t-shirt can withstand numerous washes, endure extremely long wear times, and miraculously retain original shape and quality. The design has been through rigorous testing and meticulous scrutiny by weapons professionals to ensure not just secure concealment of a handgun, but complete comfort and enhanced efficacy of every angle, seam and compression area.

2. Quality craftsmanship. Nouvelle designs have a reputation for superior craftsmanship. Our garments offer distinctly soft, silky textures that are uniquely comfortable against skin. We use only the finest fabric, and hand-inspect each seam and stitch to ensure garments are soundly, solidly constructed.

3. Comfort. We paid particular attention to every conceivable way the fabric of the ladies’ t-shirt touches skin. Stitches are constructed so they are perfectly flat. None of our designs use metal wires or stays.

Instructions: Simply pull on garment.

Care: Hand or machine wash using cold water and mild soap. Line or gentle machine dry only.

Consider buying two: A good rule of thumb is to purchase multiple t-shirts so you always have a backup.


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